River Cree Casino: Sage Menu

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Sage Menu

Small Plates

Crispy Trout with Purée of Sweet Potato

And bacon, charred green onion creamy honey dressing

Cold Smoked Albacore Tuna

Cucumber slaw, poached king mushrooms, pesto

Bone Marrow Gratin

Tomato onion relish, in-house smoked Swiss cheese, grilled rye

Prairie Macaroni Bake

Peppercorn sauce, corn, ground Alberta chuck, “Sylvan Star” grizzly Gouda

Market Half Dozen Oysters on Ice

Fresh horseradish, cocktail sauce, hot sauce

“Bear and the Flower” Baked Pork Meatballs

Tomato broth, in-house smoked Swiss cheese, mini croutons

Westcoast Crab Cake

Sweet tomato nage, fried horseradish, onion salad

Market Mussels

Seafood broth, fried cabbage, bacon crush

Fried “Giant” Calamari

Spicy tomato and wildflower honey sauce

Smoked Pork and Onion Soup

Garlic purée and Gruyère

Warm Brussels and Bacon

Mona’s mushrooms, Prosciutto, caramelized wildflower honey, pumpkin seeds

Lobster Chowder

With fresh bannock

Caesar Salad

Bacon crush, tomatoes, grizzly Gouda

Beets and Greens

Pistachios and goat cheese, onion salad, creamy balsamic

“Effing Seafood” Spot Prawns on Ice

Cocktail sauce, spun cucumber salad, lime

Dozen-Oysters-on-Ice Beets-and-Greens


Garlic Roasted Mona Mushrooms

Roasted Brussel Sprouts


Large Plates

Alberta 8oz Tenderloin

Rosemary rubbed, in-house smoked seasoning, whipped potatoes, roasted corn cob, bacon crunch

Alberta 16oz Bone-In Ribeye

Rosemary rubbed, in-house smoked seasoning, whipped potatoes, roasted corn cob, bacon crunch

Tangle Ridge Smoked Lamb Basket

In-house cut assorted hickory mustard lamb, creamy carrot purée, spiced onion rings

“Bear and the Flower” 16oz Pork Chop

Molasses and brown sugar “pork and beans”, sea-salt pomme frites

Smoked Chicken Thighs and Lentils

Pan seared camelina oil and garlic, lentils, oil and parsley, grilled lemon

“Charcoal” Whole Perch

Potatoes, corn, parsley, onion with smoked tomato broth

“Retro” Cedar Plank Chinook Salmon

Cream corn, charred zucchini, haskup berry reduction

“Seafood and Beef” Stack

Slow cooked brisket, pan seared scallops, jus, buttered cabbage

Sole “Casserole”

Charred leek sauce, in house smoked Swiss cheese, sole rolls with ricotta, arugula and bacon

Sharing Plates

Dinner for Two

Tenderloin, snow crab, game hen, prawns, whipped potatoes, corn cobs

Smoker Basket

Smoked Cornish game hen, “Bear and the Flower” side ribs, pickles, mustard, smoked baby red potatoes

Chicken-Thighs-and-Lentils Bone-In-Ribeye


Raspberry Cheesecake

Crème Brûlée

Gourmet Chocolate Explosion

Artisan Ice Creme, and Sorbet

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