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Entertainment FAQs

The River Cree Entertainment Centre is the best venue for Shows, Concerts and Events at the Resort and Casino for the Greater Edmonton and Area.

The capacity for this venue varies from 500-2500 depending on the setup for the event. Guests visiting the Entertainment Centre will have to access/enter the facility through the main entrance.


River Cree Resort and Casino acknowledges and recommends all guests who are requiring assistance to enter, be seated, or when exiting the event, please call the River Cree Event Centre in advance of their event visit. Please call 780 484 2121 or email: info@rivercreeresort.com.

To purchase accessible seating, a request via Ticketmaseter.ca when clicking “Accessible Request Tickets” or by calling Ticketmaster at 855.682.6736 to request accessible seating for the event, you wish to purchase.

Accessible seating is per person, with up to three paid companions. A chair for your companion will be seated together inside the designated accessible area.

If you have purchased regular seating, but require accessible seating, please contact any team member/associate in the venue, and they will assist with your request.


For all safety reasons, all aisles must be kept clear at all times.

Alcohol and Beverage Policy

No outside beverage including open and unopened, alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages are permitted entrance to the Entertainment Centre. Alcoholic and non-alcohol beverages will be available for the purchase of beverage tickets.

Beverage Tickets will be sold in the foyer of the Entertainment Centre. Two Main bar areas are available in the main showroom. Beer tubs in designated areas may also be available.

Un-used beverage tickets can be used on the same night in all areas of the Casino for beverage purchase. (Excludes hotel café and Kitchen Bistro), please note the tickets do expire and have an only one-night use.

River Cree Entertainment Staff is fully trained in responsible alcohol management through the provincially mandated PRO-SERVE program and is a Best Bar None accredited establishment.

Un-finished beverages are allowed in the Casino after the event.

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Backpacks, Bags, Purses /Search

Security measures are also in place so that all bags will be searched upon entrance to all events. These procedures also may lead to a further search.

Bank Machines (ATM) Debit Machines

ATM’s are available on the Casino Floor.

Banners / Signs

Any patrons carrying a banner, flag or sign must have consideration for all fellow patrons attending the event. Any inappropriate language on signs will result in immediate confiscation. Please note all signs must be held and not waved in an unsafe manner. Plese be courteous when holding up the sign and hold them up at appropriate times. ( Breaks in songs or asked to hold up sign by Entertainment Act) River Cree Resort associates will decide on a case by case basis.

Booking Private Events at River Cree Entertainment Centre

Private events can be booked via email: sales@rivercreeresort.com  or by calling our Sales Department: 780 930 2622.

Box Office via Casino Players Club

Enter our main casino entrance, Turn right, follow the walkway and the Will Call/Box Office is located in our Casino Players Club. Please have your event order number and government ID ready as they are required to pick up your tickets. Ticketmaster Box office is open every day 10: 00 am to 12:00 midnight only, Debit and Credit Cards are accepted. NO CASH, NO refunds, NO exchanges.

 Cameras, Photography, and Video

Photography and Video are not permitted unless specified otherwise at the event. Professional cameras and recorders are never permitted.

Canceled/Postponed Events

Ticketholders will be contacted via Ticketmaster if a River Cree event or concert is delayed, canceled, or postponed.

Coat Check

River Cree Resort and Casino offers complimentary coat check at the entrance of the casino. The River Cree Resort and Casino is not responsible for any lost or stolen property.

Comments or Feedback

Any guests looking to provide feedback regarding their Event Centre experience is welcome, and several options are available.

During the event, please approach any associate on site with your comment/concern for immediate feedback. Our associates will use all efforts to resolve your concern in a quick, appropriate manner.

If after the event,  any guest can provide feedback to our Entertainment Centre team via email: info@rivercreeresort.com or by calling, 780.484.2121 and ask Casino staff to assist with directing your call.


Please visit our website: www.rivercreeresort.com for full information for our upcoming events and concerts. Also visiting our only authorized ticketing agent of choice:  www.ticketmaster.ca

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Designated Driver Program

River Cree Entertainment Centre and The River Cree Resort and Casino is committed to providing guests with a safe atmosphere during our concerts/events and are happy to offer free soft drinks to a guest who obtains a Designated Driver wristband, Available from any staff member on site.

Dress Code

All River Cree Resort and Entertainment Centre guests are required to wear a shirt, bottoms/pants, and shoes at all times. River Cree Resort management also reserves the right to deny entry to any guest wearing clothing items that are present as offensive text or imagery or with any gang affiliation.

Emergencies, Evacuations, and Exits

River Cree Entertainment Centre has our guest’s safety in mind at all times. We have an emergency response plan in place to address emergencies and evacuations in the event one occurs. Emergency Exits are marked throughout the Entertainment Centre, with signs that are well lit and visible in green. River Cree associates and security personnel are fully trained with procedures for an emergency response and will assist guests with evacuating using the emergency exits.

Entry &  Re-Entry

We have one point of entry and exit into the Event Centre. Please note re-entry between the casino and Entertainment Centre is acceptable via a hand stamped and ticket scan and for a guest code of conduct.

Food and Onsite Dining

While food and snack will not be sold in the Venue unless specifically offered in the event; on-site options for dining are available inside the Casino before and after your concert/event.

The Grab and Go

A quick serve option for sandwiches, hot dogs, smokies, beverages and convenience items.

Tap 25

A sports-themed restaurant for meals and pre-beverage. First come first serve, recommend coming early to ensure you can have a meal before the show

Centre Bar

Pre-show drinks and lounge area as you wait comfortably before doors open or after show visiting with friends.

The Kitchen Buffet Bistro

A buffet and menu restaurant located close to Casino entrance. No reservations are needed, but we recommend getting there early so you can have a meal before the show.

Flyers or Promotion items

Only sanctioned and approved flyers or Casino promotional items may only be distributed to our guests in our Entertainment Centre. Any outside flyer, promotional items or pamphlets that are not pre-approved will be confiscated and removed from the site.

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hotel ballroom-1 pool

Guest Conduct

The River Cree Resort and Casino Entertainment Centre are committed to providing a safe, comfortable, fun and enjoyable experience for its guests and patrons. As a guest or patron, individual conduct must be legally appropriate, respectful and no offensive/abusive to other Guests/patrons’ or River Cree Event Centre associates.

General Guest Rules and Prohibited items

  • NO contraband. (illegal drugs)
  • NO Professional Cameras, selfie sticks, detachable lenses or video recording devices.
  • NO smoking in Venue. (including e-cigarettes)
  • NO outside food or beverages.
  • NO weapons, including pocket knives.
  • NO gang wear or affiliation colours.
  • Any of the above violations will be a direct non-entry and removal from premises with a notification and may call for RCMP involvement.

Guest unacceptable behavior

  • Foul/abusive language or obscene gestures.
  • Impairment-related to alcohol or drug consumption.
  • Smoking of any substance. (Including e-cigarettes)
  • Sitting in locations other than your ticketed seat.
  • Use of compressed gas air horns or loud items.
  • Disruption of the event including throwing objects, trespassing in undesignated areas or restricted areas.
  • Fighting or making threatening remarks or gestures.
  • The use of aggressive, offensive or abusive language and actions.
  • Violent behavior including fighting, taunting and making threatening remarks or gestures.
    Displaying signs or clothing with obscene, offensive, gang affiliation or indecent messages.
  • Inappropriate displays of affection.
  • Standing on seats or blocking the aisles.
  • Refusal or inability to produce a valid ticket to venue personnel.
  • Sitting in seats other than one’s ticketed seat.
  • Any action that impedes the enjoyment or safety of other guests or interference with the event.
  • Violation of provincial, or federal laws.

River Cree – Hotel Accommodations

The River Cree Resort & Casino has a hotel, featuring 249 guest rooms- including 11 luxury suites; All are designed for comfort and convenience! We also have a Concierge level, large pool and fitness facility.

To book your hotel stay online

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There will be no food sales for any concerts or events in the venue; unless specifically listed within the event. (IE, banquet, dinner theater, Watch Party,)

Lost and Found

All items lost and Found in the Entertainment Centre will be the responsibility of the guest. Please go to guest services as any found items will be itemized and tagged. Post-event, guests, may inquire via email: Info@rivercreeresort.com

Lost /Stolen Tickets

River Cree Event Centre guests who have lost or stolen tickets have three options;

Log onto your Ticketmaster account to reprint at home or load new tickets onto the/your phone device.

When reprinted, please note the original barcodes will be deactivated, and only the new tickets will be active and accepted.

Any ticket purchased or obtained through a third-party reseller can only be serviced through that company.

Lost-and-Found Stolen-Tickets
Fanatic-Package Parking-and-Valet

Meet and Greets / Fanatic Package

Fanatic Packages are sold in pairs. This package includes your premium VIP seats, two passes, a photo opportunity with the Artist(s), a hard copy of your picture and two drink tickets to the show. Ticket price includes GST.

Customers purchasing a Fanatics Package will be notified via email by the venue a day before the event with instructions on redeeming the package. Fanatic package purchasers need to come at least 30 minutes before the photo opportunity starts to receive the package at the Will Call at the Players Club.

After the concert, your paper photo will be available for pickup at the Casino Players club after midnight the night of the show.

** Your photo is also the property of the River Cree Resort and Casino, and its affiliates. Your photos will also be made online for public sight on our River Cree Resort Facebook page.


Merchandise may be available for purchase. Merchandise sales are up to each artist for their event.


Minors are strictly prohibited from entering the Entertainment Centre as all shows are strictly 18+ unless specified otherwise.

Parking and Valet

We have free parking in three designated parking areas around the Casino and complimentary Valet service available to our guests.

Smoking Policy

The venue is a smoke-free facility. However, there is a designated area on Casino Floor just outside the Entertainment Centre.

Taxi Service

Taxi service is available on site via the Casino Front entrance. Drop off and pick up location is in front of the Casino entrance.


Tickets for River Cree Entertainment Centre can be purchased from www.ticketmaster.ca, or call 1-855-985-500, or at the River Cree Box Office.

Third-party Tickets/ Resellers

Ticket resellers are not recognized or authorized agents of River Cree Resort in Casino or Event Centre. Guests are purchasing tickets from a private seller or third party; risk refused entry to the event. We recommend all guests purchase tickets from an authorized Ticketmaster outlet or website to avoid the risk of receiving fraudulent, counterfeit, stolen, voided or any other invalid ticket.

VIP Balcony

The Balcony is located immediately above the entrance of the showroom. Upon showing your tickets, a wristband is given with access for secured entrance to VIP balcony.

  • Please note the amenities:
  • Private restrooms for balcony guests
  • Exclusive drink ticket and full bar service for guests
  • Numbered  Lounge style chairs with high top tables
  • Please note there is NO elevator or lift, balcony access via two flights of Stairs.

Watch Party Event

Our Watch Parties are held, and seats are available for purchase through Ticketmaster. They are set in rounds/table settings. These watch parties are for most major sporting events such as, but not limited to: Boxing, UFC, NFL, CFL and NHL playoffs/finals.

We often include drink specials, food specials, prizes and photo opportunities for our watch party attendees to take home.

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